BBQ Tofu, Brown Rice & Veggies

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vegan and gluten-free

 Protein 19g | Carbs 73g | Fat 7g | Calories 427

Bring the sizzle to your table with our BBQ Tofu delight.

Smoky, salty, and a touch of sweet, our tofu is marinated in a BBQ sauce that'll give you all the backyard feels. Paired with nutty brown rice and a medley of seasonal veggies, this dish balances protein, carbs, and healthy fats for a nourishing experience.

Perfect for those Squamish/Whistler nights when you want comfort without the compromise.

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INGREDIENTS: BBQ Sauce, Tofu, Brown Rice, Oil, Salt, Pepper, Seasonal Veggies

Contains: Soy

A ready-made prepped meal from Fierce Fuel in Squamish: Black container with BBQ Tofu, Brown Rice & Veggies.