2 Day Cleanse

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Need to recharge and reboot your system?

We've got you covered with our nourishing, energising, inflammatory detoxifying 2-day package.

Give your gut a rest & allow your body to heal.


Day 1 provides is packed with all the vitamins & energy to start feeling great again.

Start your day with a soothing smoothie

Easy to digest soup & salad for lunch

Snack on a healthy house-made granola bar

Finish with a fresh & crunchy buddha bowl with quinoa base

Day 2 is where the magic happens as your body is in full recovery mode now.

Overnight oats for breakfast, packed full of superfoods like cranberries, cinnamon, walnuts & sunflower seeds

Gentle gut healing soup & salad for lunch

Snack on raw carrot cake energy balls, naturally sweetened with dates.

Enjoy your final meal, a delicious buddha bowl with a variety of fresh raw vegetables


All meals are Vegan. Package is $92. If you have any questions at all, please shoot me a message.