Champion's Scramble

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vegan and gluten-free

 Protein 28g | Carbs 66g | Fat 14g | Calories 496

Make every morning a win with our Champion's Scramble!

This plant-based brekkie packs all the flavor and nutrition you need to conquer your day. Crafted with scrambled 'egg,' flavorful fried peppers, and juicy cherry tomatoes, this meal is served alongside vibrant greens and a kick of spicy Italian sausage.

It's a filling, convenient breakfast option that makes you forget you ever missed scrambled eggs.

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INGREDIENTS: Tofu, Cherry Toms, Salt, Pepper, Oil, Turmeric, Nutritional Yeast, greens, Yves Spicy Italian Sausage

Contains: Soy, Gluten

Fierce Fuel&