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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Post-Squamish Bike Ride Foods

Squamish is a haven for those who live to move—mountain bikers, climbers, and adventurers. As you immerse yourself in the thrill of Squamish's outdoor playground, your body craves nourishment that's both satisfying and rejuvenating. 

Why Fierce Fuel is Your Adventure Ally

Fierce Fuel

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Born in Squamish, Fierce Fuel is a culinary sanctuary for the health-conscious and time-starved adventurer. Launched to cater to the dynamic needs of active locals, our service provides nutritionally calibrated meals to support your active lifestyle. Whether it's our 'Protein Pancakes' or 'Mongolian 'beef'', we've got the flavors that will fuel your next exploit.

  1. We offer a tantalizing array of frozen meals that come alive after just five minutes of re-heating - because we understand that your time is for the trails, not the kitchen. 

  2. The Fierce Subscription Our weekly meal subscription is like a trusty gear pack for your dietary needs. It's a promise of delicious, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep, ensuring that when you return from your outdoor escapades, replenishment is waiting at home.

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  1. Our meals like 'Cajun Tofu with Sweet Potato Mash + Greens' and 'Greek Moussaka' are fan favorites. They're crafted with locally sourced ingredients, guaranteeing a taste of Squamish in every bite.

  2. Meal Plans for the Peaks Fierce Fuel isn’t just about individual meals; it's about designing a nutrition plan that complements your active regime. Opt for our meal plans, and take the guesswork out of eating right for your sporty endeavors.

  3. Why Choose Local and Healthy? The best Squamish food isn't just about flavor; it's about food that fits your lifestyle. Fierce Fuel has become synonymous with health, taste, and community, bringing together the best of Squamish's natural bounty in meals that restore, energize, and delight.

Swing by our online menu and find your perfect post-adventure meal today


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The Fierce Difference

  1. Personalized Nutrition Fierce Fuel's commitment to your health is as robust as your commitment to your sport. Our meals are a combo of macros and micros, tailored to support recovery and performance.
  2. Sustainability on the Plate As champions of the environment, our practice mirrors our playground—Squamish's outdoors. Sustainability isn’t an option; it’s our way of life. With meals that are as friendly to the planet as they are to your palate, we're ensuring a brighter future with every bite.
  3. Community Roots Our roots run deep within the community, supporting local farmers and businesses. This love for local translates into dishes that carry the essence of Squamish.

Don't let your nutrition be an afterthought. Subscribe to Fierce Fuel, and make every meal count!

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In Squamish, where the mountains meet the sea, Fierce Fuel stands as your culinary co-adventurer, ensuring that as you push the limits outdoors, your nutrition is keeping pace. For the finest meals that complement your active and sporty lifestyle, you need not look beyond Fierce Fuel.

Order now, and let Fierce Fuel be the power behind your next adventure.