Cauliflower + Truffle Mac 'n' Cheese

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Our newest comfort food obsession: Cauliflower and Truffle Mac 'n' Cheese

A dairy free treat, this dish delivers creamy indulgence and irresistible flavor that won't have you feeling bloated for hours afterwards. 

Just pop it in the oven to crisp up that cheesy crunchy top and enjoy this comfort classic restaurant quality dish from your own kitchen. 

Made with love right here in Squamish, it's the go-to dish for any day when you crave something comforting yet nourishing.

Perfect for both lunch and dinner, click 'Add to Cart' and let Fierce Fuel deliver a feast to your doorstep!

INGREDIENTS: Macaroni Pasta, Vegan Butter, Oat Milk, Vegan Cheese, Panko Breadcrumbs, Flour, Truffle Oil, Cauliflower, Nutritional Yeast

Contains: Soy, Gluten

Prepared Cauliflower + Truffle Mac & Prepared Cauliflower + Truffle Mac &